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About Us

Inspired by fashion models.
Made for you - to fulfill your beauty ambitions.

Welcome to our territory of beauty tools & hacks, that we use every day. We share it with you because we know the importance of being flawless more than anyone. For us, each move, pose and look matters. We have invested in it substantially, so it was scrupulously formulated to fulfill all of our, and your, beauty requirements. Be sure that each cosmetic product you apply to your skin or hair was meant to keep us iconic.

You are now invited to join our BEAUTIFIC society, so come on -


We love being called this. And no, we don’t get tired of being called this. Everytime we hear something like “Baby, you’re so BEAUTIFIC!” - we are proud, because we made ourselves like this. We intend to celebrate this new definition of beauty which has inspired us and highlights the excellence of being a model. And it is here that we present to you all the tools that help us be so “beautific”.

The formulas we are confident about

’s stunning effects are achieved thanks to the formulas, textures and ingredients we tested while living, shooting, dating and vacationing. Only when we found them excellent, efficient and awe-inspiring enough, the BEAUTIFIC series was launched. Use the products that will please you with results, not with promises.

World’s fashion capitals

The heart of the world beats from its fashion capitals. There is no place on Earth with such a concentration of beauty, fashion trends, and gorgeous babes walking around these cities. As a part of this community, we are proud to showcase the products that embody fashion capital methods of how to stay “on point.

The results you can see and feel immediately

Our hectic lives require highly-efficient beauty products that make us look great on camera, but not only on camera. And we need to look great not tomorrow, not in an hour - now. We also know by experience that being flawless is one of the keys to a girl staying confident, successful and happy. That’s what matters most, after all. With BEAUTIFIC products, we make sure your facial skin is perfect and instantly prepped for makeup, your hair is healthy, gorgeous and voluminous, your body is smooth and glowing - on your demand.

BEAUTIFIC is part of the GSS brand portfolio. Global Skincare Solutions (GSS) is an international holding company of beauty & wellness cosmetic brands.

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