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Look at our bodies. Great? You can do the same, it’s not a model’s prerogative at all.

We found that early morning workouts and photoshop brushes are not enough to feel confident about your body. That’s why we designed these products that make it all simple. Make your body more tightened, lifted, and smooth. And don’t forget about the glow. The glow is the purpose.

Go ahead and use it.

BLACK D-TOX Detoxifying Face & Body Scrub
Need to be flawless right now? Give your skin a total reset for gorgeous smoothness - get a really good detox with this very special dry Scrub featuring Dead Sea salt, Charcoal and Coffee.Removes impurities, dead cells & toxinsProperly massages & improves circulationFirms up & reveals healthy radiance100% naturalHow to use: take a handful of the Scrub, apply to damp skin and massage th..
BODYTUNE Instant Bronze BB-Cream
Apply your real-life beautifying filter! Slay this summer with this multitasking BODYTUNE BB-cream, which is perfect body makeup that covers imperfections, ensures sun-kissed complexion and gives the appearance of beautifully smooth skin. Instantly gives a natural-looking bronze tintShea & Macadamia oils moisturize, repair & protect from drynessShimmering particles reflect light for a..
BOOTYBUILDER Booty lift serum
Ready to plump the beauty of your booty? Make it easy with this exclusive BOOTYBUILDER serum featuring Acai, Grape and Hyaluronic Acid. Make it nice and tight, luscious and sexy. Use solo or double the effect with your exercise routine.Tightens your skin & corrects the shapeRids you of toxins & reduces celluliteEnsures visible local lifting & tensor effect*Reduces & prevents stretc..
It’s time to make your body bikini-ready and pump your luscious parts. This firming Body Oil infused with powerful Grapefruit, Tangerine and Green Coffee is here to highlight your best.Visibly tightens & firms Reduces the appearance of cellulite in 1 stepMoisturizes & tones the skin100% naturalHow to use: scrub your body well and massage the Oil into not-so-perfect areas (hips, belly, butt..
CHEAT SLIM Extra Slimming Thermo-Wrap CHEAT SLIM Extra Slimming Thermo-Wrap
Wanna keep on slimming even on a cheat day? It’s no problem with this CHEAT SLIM thermo-wrap featuring Chocolate and Chili. Just let it melt away fat while you enjoy the sweet life without breaking a sweat!Stimulates slimming Improves skin condition & reduces “orange peel”Releases the harmful toxins in the skin cellsEnsures drainage effect, removing excess fluids from the skinHow to use:&..
COOL ‘N’ FIT Cryo-Slim Body Gel
Show’em who’s the coolest. Be perfect like the Ice Queen, fascinate them with your perfect shape using this COOL 'N' FIT cryo-gel featuring Mint, Orange, Lime. Great to use after exercise to intensify the effect and chill out.Ensures drainage effect, removing excess fluids from the skinStimulates microcirculation in the skinHelps get rid of cellulite “orange peel”Provides cumulative lifting & ..
Feel like a star of hot & luxury fashion shoots on the beach & yachts with our new “Cruise Jewel” fragrance. Completely portable, fits in any bag...
GERMS SLAYER Instant Hand Sanitizer
Living your hectic life you can find yourself anywhere. So can germs. Load up with our new GERMS SLAYER hand sanitizer gel featuring Isopropyl Alcohol and Hyaluronic Acid for the ultimate daily hand protection. Whatever the circumstances, being protected is always number one.Quickly & effectively neutralizes 99,9% of the most common bacteriaCreates a weightless protective layer on your handsMo..
Feel iconic & magnificent, leave your trace in the history of high fashion with our new “Haute Couture Icon” fragrance. Completely portable, fits in any bag...
HOT 'N' FIT Fat Burning Thermo-Cream
Make it hotter than fire and get the hottest body with this supreme HOT’N’FIT thermo-cream featuring Grapefruit and Guarana! Use while chilling or before your workouts to improve the effect of the exercises. Warms up & improves circulation in the skin Fights cellulite & smooths the skinEnsures drainage effect, removing excess fluids from the skinVisibly firms up the tissuesHow to..

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