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The point is, we need a flawless face even without makeup. We searched for the latest innovations and ingredients, and built the design for our facial care. As a result, we have created the most sustainable, customized, formulas to improve your skin’s texture, tone, complexion and provide it the most essential care.

All you need is here for you - deep hydration, glow, purity, comfort, 100% beauty.

Go ahead and use it.

DULLNESS KILLA Complexion Boost Peeling Solution
Dazzle others with your skin’s perfection using DULLNESS KILLA Complexion Peeling Solution. Featuring Мandelic acid, PHA-acids and Vitamin C, this 10% gentle peeling gives your skin natural radiance and smoothness. Your make-up will slay!Evens your complexion & rids of dullnessGently exfoliates & removes dead skin cellsTones up, brightens & energizes your skinYear-round useSilicone-fre..
EYE CANDY Anti-fatigue Liquid Hydra-gel Patches
Need total rehabilitation for your tired-looking eyes to revitalize your beauty? Our super-cool EYE CANDY liquid eye patches featuring Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid and Centella will restore your stunningly fresh, well-rested look with no compromeyes.Instantly awakens your eyes & freshens your lookEliminates “puffy eyes” & dark circlesEnsures nice cooling & refreshing sensationHydrates the..
GLASS SKIN Micro-Exfoliating Mask
People never just look right through you, right? With GLASS SKIN exfoliating facial mask featuring Curcuma, Cranberry and Pumice only your skin will look heavenly “transparent”, luminous and dewy. Your individuality will attract even more glances.Ensures crystal clear skin, makes your skin radiantProvides amazing skin renewal, visibly polishes & smoothesRefreshes & gives an instant splash ..
GLOW DROPS  Complexion Booster Serum GLOW DROPS  Complexion Booster Serum
Need to delete the stress and wear from your face away? Super concentrated Booster with Vitamin C and Fruit Enzyme will instantly make your skin perfectly smooth, rested and glowing - whether for work or for life or for Instagram.Gently dissolves impurities & dead skin cellsEvens your complexion & reduces dark patchesRefreshes, energizes & brightensSilicone-free, paraben-freeHow to use..
GLOW GLAZE Illuminating Energy Moisturizer GLOW GLAZE Illuminating Energy Moisturizer
Give your face the perfect dose of luminosity and radiance - no more and no less. You can rely on this lightweight illuminating Moisturizer enriched with energizing Ginkgo and Radiant Minerals.Airbrushes wrinkles, dullness & discolorationsCreates a delicate glow for a trendy dewy lookDelivers lasting hydration & comfortSilicone-free, paraben-freeHow to use: 1) apply to the entire face as a..
GLOW SPA Mega Brightening Moisturizer GLOW SPA Mega Brightening Moisturizer
Need a high dose of luminosity for your skin? You are to be introduced to your new ultimate beauty cream - the perfecting & brightening Moisturizer enriched with two energizing heroes Vitamin C and Goji.Provides lasting hydration with no greasy feelReduces discolorations & beautifies the complexionProtects from oxidative stress and prevents premature agingAlcohol-free, silicone-freeHow to ..
GLOW WATER Low pH Micro-peel Toner
Are you ready to glow it up? Please your tired skin with a vital dose of GLOW WATER featuring “beauty vitamin” C and renewing AHA acids. This “glow rehabilitation” treatment is the ultimate elixir for any type of dull skin.Provides gentle micro peeling & removes dead skin cellsSmooths complexion & improves skin toneActivates healthy radiance of your skinInstantly moisturizes & refreshe..
HYDRA DROPS Moisture Booster Serum HYDRA DROPS Moisture Booster Serum
Hydration is the right way to an amazing look, and this concentrated Booster will help you achieve it quickly. It contains B5 and three forms of advanced Hyaluronic Acid, that work synergically and hit the target immediately.Provides long-lasting multi-level hydrationRefreshes your look & provides comfortPlumps skin up and returns its elasticity Silicone-free, paraben-freeHow to use: 1) apply ..
$148.00 $165.00
$148.00 $165.00
Hydration is the right way to an amazing look. Arm yourself against dehydration dryness & flaking - reach for this ultimate HYDRA FACIAL TRIO SET.Super concentrated HYDRA DROPS moisture booster serum with B5 and three forms of advanced Hyaluronic Acid provides long-lasting multi-level hydration, refreshes your look & provides comfort, plumps skin up and returns its elasticity.Combine 2 ste..
HYDRA MATE Light Priming Moisturizer HYDRA MATE Light Priming Moisturizer
Is your lifestyle as hectic as ours? Combine 2 steps of your beauty routine in 1. Hyaluronic Acid-rich Priming Moisturizer is a quick fix for instant hydration and a perfect makeup base.Quenches thirsty skin with a soft, non-greasy finishDelivers instant comfort that lasts all-day Smooths your skin for flawless makeup applicationSilicone-free, paraben-freeHow to use: apply to clean skin as the fin..

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